This mother of six is breaking all the rules to positively impact motherhood, and why we need to jump on board too.

We can feel happy and grateful for what we have and still be struggling with mental health issues.

Depression, anxiety, exhaustion, depletion, the mental load, juggling all the balls, stomach issues, shame and complete overwhelm are not uncommon for women to experience after having a baby. 

Summer Gwynne is here to break the stigma, provide support, petition the government and educate workplaces in how we can work together to support mothers to reduce post-natal depression and anxiety, as well as making the transition back to work easier.

Mothers are experiencing depression, anxiety, isolation and depletion at increasing rates in Australia, particularly in rural communities. This is why she believes we need to establish support networks, greater funding, and better education so that we can work together as a society to support mothers, and when mothers are supported, it helps the whole community, not to mention the family unit.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • The importance of setting boundaries and simple ways to do so.
  • When running your own business as a mother, structure your work day with how you want to parent.
  • How workplaces can support mothers returning to work that benefits everyone.
  • Why we need to take more short-cuts and what they can look like.
  • How living according to our highest values makes making decisions easier and impacts what we do.
  • How depression doesn’t always show up as sadness but for many it’s pure exhaustion as new mothers can feel grateful and happy, yet still struggle with depression.
  • The importance of giving yourself permission to nap and switch off every day (especially if you’re running a business).

Remember to share this video with mothers, workplace employees and mothers who are juggling running a business and motherhood. It’s important we discuss these topics and support each other.

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