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    Megan Jaworski coaching

    Hey there, I’m Megan.

    I’m so happy you’re here.

    You’ve clicked here probably because you’re unsure if you really want to take that step and see a coach. You know deep down something inside needs to change, but you’re not sure if coaching is the way to go.

    I get it, because I’ve been there, and you’re the exact person I work with.

    You know you want to be the best person you can be to create and grow a business you love, and feel more confident and grounded doing it. You know something needs to change, but you want someone to help you. Which is awesome, because that’s where I come in.

    Truth be told, coaching isn’t for everyone and I don’t coach everyone.

    That’s because I work with people like you – who have a desire to start and grow your business, social enterprise or not-for-profit. They want to be the best person they can be, even if it means confronting the fear within. Someone who wants to create positive change in the world and make an impact. They know that it starts with you and me. People like you who have that little spark that tells them ‘there has to be more than this’…

    Because there is.

    And the great news is, I’m completely dedicated to women who want to breakthrough fear and back themselves and be bold in creating a business they love.

    I’m not a ‘feel good’ coach, your best friend or someone who will only tell you what you want to hear.

    I’m here to work through any mental, emotional or spiritual blocks you may have in order to get you to where you want to be in business and life. For example, your fear of promoting your business, self-sabotage, juggling motherhood and work, lack of direction or clarity, navigating major transitions, managing stress, lack of self-worth, or just a general feeling of not being your authentic self and knowing it’s impacting your results.

    Megan Jaworski coaching

    When we strip away the façade, the beliefs holding us back, and create a powerful identity, that’s when we can start to back ourselves and be bold in taking action towards achieving our goals and dreams, and ultimately – LIVE WITH PURPOSE.

    What does one-on-one coaching look like with me?

    1. Clarity – I get to the cause of the problem, the root, by removing distractions (triggers), doubt, shame, confusion, or limiting beliefs that are holding you back. We get clear on what the problem is.

    2. Discover – I then help you discover and connect to who you truly are and get clear on your identity, beliefs, what you value, and how to create your own powerful story that aligns to the results you want in business and life.

    3. Create – We then look forward to where you want to be in business and life, and we create the tools, resources and the foundation you need so that you can get there.


    Be the best you

    “I’m a busy working professional woman, who like most people I go through some ups and downs in life, work and relationships. Working with Megan for me is like having a personal trainer for the mind.   I find the coaching sessions help me gain clarity and often talking through things offers new ways to approach my challenges, getting clear on the outcome I want and offering strategies to do this. Through Megan’s skills and knowledge, she is great at breaking through old patterns and creating new ones that work for the person I want to be today.

    She has helped me work through and overcome limiting beliefs and self sabotaging behaviours that have previously held me back in areas of my life including work and relationships.  It has helped me gain perspective on who I am and who I want to be, along with giving me some internal tools, new internal dialogue to do this.

    If you are lucky enough to work with someone like Megan she has a toolkit of amazing skills, knowledge, wisdom and insight plus a beautiful nature that is a joy to be coached by.  She has really helped me develop as a person, become more confident, self aware, loving and along with this more knowledgeable about myself to become a better person.

    Thank you x


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