Have you ever felt really confused when you needed to make a decision?

Perhaps you felt uncertain as to what to do as both options were really good, or one option you knew would hurt others…

Decisions can leave us asking questions such as;

How do I know which option to decide?

What if I hurt someone’s feelings?

What if I make the wrong choice and stuff up?

I don’t know exactly what I’m doing, what if I get it wrong?

We can feel a bit like a failure, a fraud, or even perhaps like we’re really jumping in the deep end…

The truth is, making decisions, be it big or small, doesn’t have to be so hard.

Recently I had to make a big decision about my business and my life. It hurt. I was churned up inside about what to do and how to do it. I felt like no matter what I chose to do someone was being ‘let down’. And it triggered old thinking habits that aren’t conducive to optimism, happiness or success. Essentially, I was living in a state of scarcity instead of a mindset of abundance and opportunity.

After realizing this and having the tools to turn it around, I was able to make the decision. And as soon as I did, I felt a sense of relief and peace, yet I also felt a sense of loss as to what it meant and a sense of opportunity as to what I could now create.

We all have to make decisions, and if you run your own business, are in a leadership position, or have children, sometimes it can feel like all you do is make decisions…

Should I take on that client?

How do I scale my business for greater profit?

How do I confront this person in a way that’s respectful?

How do I maximise my team?

What do I feed my children for dinner?

And the list goes on…

…And this can lead to decision fatigue and overwhelm.

So, how do I make decisions that’s right for me?

I’m glad you asked.

Here’s four things to consider when making a decision:

1. Know your values and your vision.

When we know our values and what we stand for, then making a decision is so much easier. Make it go through this filter…is it in alignment to our highest values? I value self-integrity, freedom, joy, health and vitality, contribution, and the list goes on… What are your values? What are your values in business? When you know your values it removes a lot of stress from making a decision.

It’s the same for know your vision for your life or business. What outcome, intention or focus do you have? Is this option in service of your vision? Does it align to it and bring you closer to achieving it?

2. What’s your identity?

Are you being the person (taking on the identity of the person) that has fulfilled the outcome you want? Who is the type of person that would have that result? Ask yourself “If I were already this person who would I be, what would I do and what would I ultimately have or feel? We are the result of all our decisions. Take a look at the decisions you’ve made so far and realise that everything is a result of how you see yourself. Are you coming from your highest self when making decision?

3. Listen to your intuition.

There’s either a little voice in your head, or your gut can sense things, or perhaps it’s a feeling you get, whatever it is, or whatever you call it, tap into it. Ask yourself “what is my intuition telling me?” Then go with it. Make the decision and sit and listen or feel…Was I right? So often we don’t turn inward and instead we look for others to validate what we should do, when all along our intuition was pointing us in the right direction.

4. Commit and follow through (remember: nothing is permanent).

It’s easy to get caught up in thinking “Did I do the right thing?” And due to fear or second guessing ourselves we don’t end up giving it our all or following through. Trust that you’ll make it work. Give it your best shot and if you’re wrong, you’ll find out quicker than if you just ‘dabbled’ in it. And if you’re right, then brilliant! Either way, when you give it your all, you’ll know sooner what the outcome will be.

So often decisions aren’t as difficult as we’ve made them out to be. And those real big and tough decisions – the ones that test our morality, integrity and purpose, well, that’s when it’s important to go back to our values and vision and to know what we stand for. That way you’ll be able to have a ‘filter’ for what decision to make.

To help you further with decisions and achieving your goals, grab a free copy of my audio ‘How to achieve what you want (and cut out the crap)’.

It’s my gift to you to help you further…

Megan xo


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