We all have self-doubt.

We can ask ourselves the questions “Can I really make this work?” Am I really worthy of this?” And then fear can rear its ugly head and whisper “Don’t do it.”

Self-doubt is not that special or unique to you. Even Oscar winning celebrities such as Jodi Foster have spoken about the ‘imposter syndrome’ and having feelings of unworthiness with their success.

So, what makes the difference between those who get paralysed by their self-doubt and shrink because of it, and those who become successful and achieve their dreams despite of it?

They take action no matter what.

The truth of the matter is:

Your desire to be safe will always be at a tug of war with your desire to grow.

There will be that little voice inside your head that will say “You can’t do this. Who do you think you are?” Which is why it’s important to recognize that it will be there and tune into it. Because that voice is there to protect us from perceived threats. And sometimes we need to listen to that voice. Other times we really don’t need protecting from it at all! Which is why it’s so important to tune in to it and ask:

Is it serving me? Is it stopping me from doing something stupid? Or is it speaking from a place of pure fear?

Self-doubt can serve to protect you, but if it’s holding you back and keeping you playing small then it’s important to move through it.

Here’s how to move through self-doubt when it isn’t serving us but keeping us playing small:

  1. Name your doubts. Giving your doubts a name actually helps them go away. It also separates your identity from your thoughts. After all, your doubts are just thoughts you’ve made up in your head. Name them something that disempowers them. I sometimes call those thoughts ‘gremlins’. It’s important to recognize them for what they are, nothing more, nothing less.
  2. Be clear on why you want to leave your comfort zone. Fear will always want to stop us from doing the very thing that we want to do. However, when we are really clear as to why we want to achieve that goal, then we will find the courage to do it.
  3. Be clear on what will happen if you DON’T take action. When you’re clear about what it will cost you if you don’t take action then you’re less likely to let the doubt win and more likely to do what you’re most fearful of.
  4. Recognise the doubt, thank it, take deep breaths and physically move your body.  There is so much power in being present and connecting to our breath when we’re about to leave our comfort zone and step into the ‘unknown’. Stand firm in your power. Move your body to feel more powerful (usually standing upright with shoulder back or arms up in the air). Breathe in and out using your physiology to help you feel confident and powerful.
  5. Take action. The only way to overcome resistance and doubt is to take action. Even taking one small step towards your goal every day by breaking things down into tiny steps can help you achieve your goal. Every day make decisions that move you towards your goal and build your courage muscle.

Keep showing up each and every day. You are so much more capable than what you give yourself credit for. Don’t let self-doubt call the shots in your life.

I like this question I heard from Margie Warrell: “if I was being brave and doing the very thing I feared I cannot do, what would I do? Then do it.”

Step into your courage. Live bravely. And achieve your dreams.

Love Megan xo

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