What to do when you feel like giving up

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been running a business, a project, or trying to kick something off the ground, self-doubt and nerves can get in the way and you can want to give up.

If you need inspiration and a little (or big) kick up the bum to keep going and take action to help others, then this episode is for you.

Ella (6 years) and Amelia (7 years) really touched my heart and I know they’ll touch yours with the incredible work they’ve done raising money for The Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne.

Often what we might consider impossible, these girls achieved (with the support of their parents) by raising 2K in two days selling candles and diffusers to help sick children.

Here’s a sample of the gems you’re about to discover:

– What to tell yourself when you want to give up

– What to do to keep yourself motivated

– Why we need to help others

– The importance of giving things a go

– What happens when we provide opportunities for our children to help others in practical way.

They might be young in age, but their wisdom is worth listening to. They inspired, educated and created a change in me, and I know they will for you also.

To support lifesaving work of The Royal Children’s Hospital, go to www.rch.org.au.

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With love

Megan xo