It all starts with YOU!

Because with every product you purchase, you help educate a person in need.

In 2009 Megan went to volunteer with a group of children who previously lived on the streets of Zimbabwe.

One night she was sleeping at their house and stayed up late to chat with a young boy only eleven years old. Throughout this conversation he shared with her how he had to leave his house at the age of seven years old as he was fearful of his life. He showed me his scars of beatings and then shared with me the terror of living on the streets for three years.

When Megan asked him ‘if you could have anything in the world, what would it be’, he responded ‘I want to go to school’. And in that pivotal, life changing moment, she knew she had to make a decision to send him, and all of the children to school, to which she responded ‘for as long as you need to go to school, you will.’

So she partnered with the local organization called Our Neighbours, and together they established a school for twelve children.

She went on, with her husband, to begin Educating Globally to Empower (EdGE Foundation), which partners with Our Neighbours, and still to this day, they are currently educating over thirty five children in local schools, university and their own school on a farm, as well as renting out a house they purchased to generate income to pay for teachers wages.

When you buy a product or a service from Megan Jaworski, you are also supporting the life changing work of Edge Foundation.

We sincerely thank you for this.

Because together, we really can change the world!



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