Girls from Oz

How building bridges brings hope, transformation and positive change to communities.

I recorded this interview towards the end of February just before Covid-19 broke out in Australia, so I put releasing this interview on hold as the world transitioned to physical isolation.
Now, I believe it’s perfect timing to release it as the world starts to discuss racism, Aboriginal people, and reconciliation. 
In this interview you’ll learn:
– What the Girls from Oz program is doing to help empower Aboriginal girls.
– The mental health statistics of Halls Creek and why what we do matters.
– What we need to focus on in order to bring equality to this nation.
– The importance of music to bring healing and opportunities to girls in Australia.
– What we can do to support the work of Girls from Oz to provide ongoing support to girls who live in rural parts of Australia.
– Why empowering Aboriginal girls benefits whole communities.
At the time of the interview, we were not able to interview an Aboriginal girl who is a part of this program. Therefore, to hear directly from Indigenous Australians impacted by Girls from Oz then please go to to watch the documentary. You can also see other footage on their YouTube channel.
Please note that sensitive issues are discussed in this interview, and this was filmed before the recent events (George Floyd’s murder and racial protests in the United States), and discussion on racism, white privilege and equality. Therefore, we do not directly speak about the current situation at hand, but we do discuss those topics in other contexts.
To support the work of Girls from Oz or to find out more, then please go to
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You can follow their work on Instagram @girlsfromoz
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Here’s to creating a beautiful world.
Love Megan