You’re a female entrepreneur who knows deep down something needs to change, because when you’re being honest – you want more.

  • You’re trying so hard to be ‘good’, (wife, mother, business owner, daughter) and never seem to be ‘good’ enough. You’re desire to be ‘perfect’ is starting to impact your business results, and the choices you’re making in life.

  • You often find yourself thinking, “I should be happier and more grateful for my life – others have it worse”. Yet still, there’s this frustration and restlessness inside you as you really want more…

  • You’re not sure if you’re living your purpose in your business or life, as truth be told, you’re unsure who you really are. You’ve lived your life to please others, and now you’re reading to break free from those moulds and live authentically to who you really are.

  • You want greater clarity as you feel stuck in the day-to-day grind of your business and life and are unsure if you’re on the right path.

  • You’re tired of basing your decisions on fear, and want to become bold and confident in who you are as a woman and business owner.

If only you could step into your power and build a business and life you truly love.

You could have that next level of contribution, success, happiness, and freedom to be yourself,
AND make a bigger impact in this world…

There is a way to move through the blocks you’re feeling and FIND YOURSELF…

You don’t have to keep apologising for who you are and what you want.

It’s time for your breakthrough moment. 

It’s time to get off the floor!

Megan Jaworski testimonial

As a psychotherapist I have already completed years of deep exploration work. “Get off the Floor” appealed to me as I was a little stuck in getting my business to move forward. Through visiting the topics in this program and doing further work I was able to determine what those blocks were and open things up to getting them moving again. The unexpected bonus was also getting things moving in my personal life also…

It helped me realise I don’t need to have my ‘shit’ together to help others as we are ever evolving…Take some time for you a few times a week and explore this program. We can all do with refreshers and as busy women time for ourselves to open up parts of us we may have forgotten.

Julie Smith


Get off the floor!

An 7-week submersion for women in business who are ready to breakthrough their barriers and live life on their terms. 

I’ve taken everything I’ve learned from coaching hundreds of women to discover their purpose (and live it)
and packaged it up as an 7-week go-at-your-own-pace program. 

You’ll gain the self awareness, tools and resources to feel more bold and take intentional action to live courageously on purpose. 

Get off the floor!

It isn’t about fixing you – because you’re not broken. It’s not even about developing you…

This program will give you a step-by-step plan to reconnect you with your truth
and what makes you come alive. 

It will allow you to be unashamedly YOU.

Something had to change in my business and personal life but I couldn’t quite figure out what…As a coach Megan draws on education, real life experience and her unique combination of creativity and compassion…It [Get off the floor] has helped me see my stories for what they are and start rewriting them so I can change how I see myself. The program has taught me to listen to myself more because I hold the answers, I just need to trust to myself more… I love that Megan teaches that nothing is set in stone and that we can continue to change as we grow… for anyone who feel stuck in their business or life this is a great program to work through the roadblocks and get new resources to help build yourself a better life. 

Amanda Stoneham, Founder and Director of Amanda Meryle Photography

Megan Jaworski testimonial


Each module covers a different topic that allows you to explore who you truly are.

Every module will be building on your self-awareness so you can shift the blocks in your way to build a business and life you truly love.

Module 1.  You – How you see yourself impacts what you think, do and have in life. What is your identity? Who are you choosing to be? What thoughts do you want to change? What characteristics can you develop to achieve your goals and dreams.

Module 2. Stories – What are the stories you tell yourself? What do you believe to be true about you? You’re always telling yourself stories and this directly impacts what you believe and how you respond. What would you like to believe instead?

Module 3. Values – What you value impacts how you live on a daily basis, and everything you do. Being clear on what you value and having a metric or rule around how you live it is crucial for making important decisions.

Module 4. Boundaries – You’ll discover why you need boundaries and what boundaries you need to create, and how to implement boundaries in a compassionate way that gets you living a life you desire.

Module 5. Habits – Everything you have in life is 100% a result of your daily habits of thinking, being, and doing. What are habits? How are they created? How do I get rid of ‘bad’ habits and replace them with good ones?

Module 6. Purpose – When you connect to what makes you come alive, to who you truly are, then you’re on the path for living your purpose. We go deeper at look at where your skills and passion meet, so you can live on purpose.

Module 7. Impact – Now it’s time to share your clarity and purpose even more with the world! This is where we break down your big dreams and goals into tangible steps, so you can make a bigger impact in your family, career/business, community and the world.


The program includes:

7 engaging video trainings

7 audio trainings and guided meditations

7 workbooks to fill in as you watch the video trainings to deepen your learnings and breakthroughs.

Imagine what life would be like if…

  • You created a loving and forgiving relationship with yourself moving forward…

  • You felt more courageous and bold in your business and life so you could take bigger steps towards achieving your goals and dreams

  • You felt abundant and open to receiving more money, love, and success

  • You had clarity about who you are and what your purpose is

  • You were able to fully commit to your business dreams

  • You were able to set your plans in motion to create positive change in the world and make a difference

Megan Jaworski


Get off the floor testimonial

I realise that a lot of the things covered in Get off the floor was already in me, but I needed an outside source to remind me. We get stuck in the day to day grind and forget about ourselves. This program helped me remember who I was and what I want to achieve. It has given me focus, perspective and a sense of balance. Thanks for the push. Loved it!



The complete 7-week Get Off the Floor coaching program

(VALUE: $1,550)

You’ll get access to:

→ 7 weeks of engaging recorded coaching trainings

→ 7 workbooks to take your learnings further

→ 7 weekly audio trainings with a guided meditation in each

→ Lifetime access to the course through your portal


→ Overcome Overwhelm mini e-book

→ 30 Ways to Inner Self-Care Guide


Get off the floor

So, who am I to be telling you how to ‘get off the floor’?

Hey there, I’m Megan, and just over two years ago I hit my ‘rock bottom’. I was hysterically crying on the kitchen floor with my ten-month old in his cot and my two year old standing there looking at me as I rocked back and forth. It felt ‘too hard’ as I was struggling with Post-Natal Anxiety and mild depression. I finally said to myself “Megan, you will get through this. One step at a time. So, what’s the next right step?’ 

I got off the floor.

That began my journey of healing, and now I’m stronger, happier, more calm and self-aware than I’ve ever been.

I’ve used the same process to get off the floor after my mother died of cancer, starting a school in Zimbabwe for children living in extreme poverty, teaching children of lepers in India, and when I left teaching and started working as a coach five years ago.

Now, as the world is constantly changing and I’m adapting to what’s happening, I still use this process.

I know that we choose who we’re going to become and what kind of business and life we create.

Get off the floor is not about fixing you, improving you, or developing you, because I believe you don’t need ‘fixing’. 

It’s about uncovering the layers of who you think you ‘should’ be and stepping up and into who you truly are to live a life that feels aligned to who you are so you can grow a business and life you love.

‘Get off the floor’ is the process of bridging the gap between where you current are to where you want to be within your business and life. We do this by stripping away the expectations of the world, and connecting to who you truly are.

Get off the floor testimonial

I joined Megan’s program [Get off the floor] to personally become a stronger person. I got so much more out of it. I now know my purpose, believe in my purpose and can’t wait to start living my purpose…I’ve grown so much and my beliefs have changed…I’m not ‘just a mum’ and I have purpose… If you have dreams but doubt yourself, do this course, it has really changed the person l am.


Joining today is risk-free with the ‘Get off the floor’ 14-day money-back guarantee!

Get off the floor

Because I want you to join with the greatest peace of mind, there’s a no-questions asked money-back-guarantee. Therefore, for whatever reason you can no longer commit to the program, email the team at Megan Jaworski within the first fourteen days and we will ensure a full refund of what you’ve paid.

Got Questions?

Here are some questions people have asked before saying yes to the ‘Get off the floor’ program.

All the coaching trainings are pre-recorded and uploaded into your very own portal, so you can watch them anytime that’s convenient for you and go at your own pace.

Yes. You will have access to the portal for as long as you like so you can redo the program again and again.

I’ve got you sorted. The coaching session are all pre-recorded for you to watch at your own convenience (less than an hour each), the audios are less than thirty minutes each to listen to as you wish, and the live Q & A’s go for about thirty minutes a week. The time commitment is flexible of around 1.5 hours a week that’s convenient for you.

Only if you cancel within the first fourteen days of the program.

This program runs constantly. However, do you want to wait to reclaim your power?

The price is subject to change at any time without any notice.

I joined the program as I knew I needed support to get out of my current mindset. The program opened my life to so many opportunities and I’m excited to continue to implement the learnings and what the future brings…it really did make me consider “What do I want?” not everyone else… It boosted my confidence more than I realised…Make the investment in yourself and see the commencement of your personal transformation.”