I have such a special guest on the podcast today and I know you are going to love her message and all that she has to bring to this space. Erika Cramer, AKA the Queen of Confidence, is a Confidence Coach, bestselling author, sassy international speaker and is driven by her passion to see all women reclaim their confidence and step into their authentic power.

In this episode, Erika shares from her life growing up in the foster system, experiencing physical and sexual abuse and how she got to where she is today. She talks about her motto, fuck what others think (FWOT) and how we need to stop letting the opinion of others prevent us from showing up and stepping into our true calling.

Erika shares the 5 C’s of the practise of confidence and how confidence is something we all need to cultivate. She talks about the impact she wants to make in the world and shares such powerful insights about overcoming doubt, embodying courage and trusting the process.

You’ll laugh and perhaps shed a few tears as we both did during this conversation. Erika’s energy is so inspiring. This is certainly an episode not to be missed.

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