Wherever you are at in life or business, fear will be there. But it doesn’t have to hold us back. Doing a Facebook live, launching a new product, or attending a networking event can all trigger us into fight, flight, or freeze. This is because our brain cannot differentiate between real and perceived threat so most of the time when we are afraid, we aren’t actually in any danger.

In this episode I am going to tell you how to identify and deal with the different types of fear, so that we know when to act, when to trust our intuition, when to listen, and when to walk away. We will also discuss how to turn fear into a friend instead of an enemy so that we can ultimately move past it and the unhelpful behaviors it brings. We all come up against procrastination, self-sabotage, burn out, anxiety and so many others during our lives. We can learn to lean into these feelings, recognise them and move through them.

I hope that by the end of this episode you will feel a lot more confident taking action despite your fear, have an understanding as to where it comes from, and know that you can take back the wheel to your life.

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