I have a very special guest joining me on the podcast today to talk about all things life, business, organisation, self worth and how what happens in our childhood shapes the people we are today.
Caroline Brunne is among many things, the Founder of Organise Curate Design, a lifestyle management company designed to help streamline your life and business. Beginning her career in the events industry, Caroline has spent more than a decade mastering the art of life management and has a core focus on customer service, relationship building, and trust. As a speaker and consultant, Caroline has run various high profile events in multiple cities, empowering business owners, professionals and entrepreneurs to take control of their lives through seamless organisation and delegation.
In this episode, we dive into a number of topics from how Caroline got started in her business to being a survivor of childhood sexual abuse and how it shaped her to be the woman she is today. We talk about the biggest challenge women face in life and business, the process of writing her memoirs, human trafficking and choosing who you are today, not falling into victimhood.
There is so much to unpack in this episode and I know you’re going to be inspired and moved by what we talk about today.



Caroline Brunne
She Inspires Me