We all impact the world in our own unique way and my guest today is a fashion designer changing the world one item of clothing at a time. In this episode I speak with Rebecca Rowe from Ottawa, Canada, who’s brand, Capsule Creator, helps strong, driven women by designing long lasting clothing to suit their unique bodies and personalities.
In this episode, Rebecca shares about her journey in the fashion industry and how she discovered her passion for helping women showcase their personal identity through their chosen style. She talks about the devastation caused by fast fashion, why consumers should be conscious of ethics in the rag trade and what we can do about it.
We also talk about what inspired Rebecca to create the “I am Worthy” slogan on her sold out beanies and how it’s become a message that many women are boldly embracing. Rebecca reminisces on the greatest challenge she’s faced in running her own fashion business and shares some amazing tips for other creative entrepreneurs.
Where to find Rebecca
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