In today’s episode I am joined by the beautiful Nicole Gibson. She is a multi-award winning entrepreneur, a former mental health commissioner, a speaker, transformational facilitator, and source of immense love in the world. Nicole promotes love in everything she does and even wrote a book about it called “Love out Loud: a Millennial’s Guide to Enlightenment.”
Nicole has overcome a lot to reach where she is right now and has gained a lot of insight from those struggles. She faced the huge challenge of sitting with her insecurities, so that she could find her true self. In this episode, she shares with me her story and what inspired her to write this book. Nicole also opens up about her struggles with an eating disorder and how love helped her to heal.
She believes love has been romanticized by the media to the point we struggle to identify love in our own lives. That love is not this idealised vision, a frequency we tune into and our purest state of mind. We dive into how you can find and create your own state of love. This spiritual journey is never an easy one, it is brutal, beautiful and humbling, but always worth it.
I hope this episode will inspire you to foster more love in your life, for the world, for others, and for yourself.

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