Today I am incredibly lucky to be joined by Nartarsha Napanagka Bamblett, an Aboriginal woman from the Yorta Yorta, Gunai Kurnai, Wuradjeri & Warlpiri tribes. She is an indigenous facilitator and storyteller, a cultural contemporary performer, business owner, and a mother. Her passion is empowering self-love and confidence in women and connecting all people through indigenous culture.

We’re going to delve into the story of her family and the living trauma passed down from the stolen generation. The everlasting impact of having culture forbidden and family connections separated. She believes she is incredibly blessed to walk down a path of healing, to combine her connection to the oldest living culture on earth and all that she is with her access to modern education, health, and technology.

She talks inspiring others to choose the best way for them to live in their lifetime. Having them be, see, hear, and give themselves to the world in a powerful, respectful, and magical way.  We also discuss the lessons Australia can learn from mother earth and indigenous knowledge. Rather than continuing to take take take from nature, we must learn to respect it and form a mutual relationship. I hope that this episode inspires you to think about things in a new or deeper light.

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