Is the current education system preparing students for the real world?

In Australia, there’s controversy around the emphasis placed on NAPLAN results and a student’s ATAR, as schools are competing for enrolments and parents use academic results as a benchmark for the quality of the school.

But have we got it wrong?

Is this really what is most important for children to learn to prepare them for the world they emerge into once they finish school?

What are the actual facts when it comes to academic achievement?

What else should we as a society by focusing more on when education future generations?

In today’s episode I interview Nathan Dalton, a former Maths and Science teacher turned film maker who is currently producing a documentary on the education system in Australia.

He has interviewed the Federal Minister of Education, teachers, philosophers and educational stakeholders and policy makers to get a clear understanding of our current education system – what’s working, what isn’t and what do we need to focus more on?

The question he asks is this – ‘do we need an education reform to better prepare future generations for todays’ society?”

As a former maths and science teacher Nathan is interested in not just stories and theories but statistics and facts.

Which is why in today’s interview you’ll discover:

– The actual data that demonstrates how effective NAPLAN is in the quality of education at a school.

– What actually impacts students NAPLAN results the most.

– What percentage of students who graduate with an ATAR actually use it to get into university.

– How long it takes for the average university graduate to get a job in the field of study and how many actually stay in that field.

– How the current education system is slowly shifting its focus, but it is too slow for the rapidly changing society?

– How ‘soft skills’ are becoming more valued in education, but not necessarily focused on enough or taught enough to prepare students for the changing society we live in.

– The importance of knowing your values when making life changing decisions, such as a career change.

– How working in a job that you’re passionate about isn’t always easy, but it’s worth it.

– Why kindness and empathy always needs to be at the center.

As a former teacher for seven years this interview was incredibly insightful and some of the statistic surprised me – and I know it will do the same for you too.

Nathan and I would love to know your response to this prompt – what changes would you like to see to the current education system? Tell us in the comments below!

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