School of Impact podcast Tammie Pike

Today I will be discussing how overcoming past obstacles and honouring your journey can lead to creating a space of support, healing and empowerment to others. 

In this episode I interviewed Tammie Pike who is the CEO and creator of Empowered Publishing and the Mumpreneur Movement Magazine. Tammie has collaborated and facilitated along with Elizabeth Gilbert, Lisa Messenger and Denise Duffield Thomas. She will be co-facilitating with Gabby Bernstein and Lisa Messenger at the upcoming Ultimate Girls Week Away this November in 2021 in Lorne, Victoria. 

We discuss Tammie’s journey through beginning and creating her successful businesses and the impact she has had on hundreds of thousands of others both online and offline. She talks about how listening to your own intuition and backing yourself allows you to thrive in business. 

Listen to the lived experience of Tammie and hopefully it will inspire you to share your own experiences with others, awaken your self belief, and lead to becoming empowered in life and in business. 



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